On the path to the Web Audio API

I'm interesting here in the Web Audio API, a W3C working draft for "high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications". My immediate interest in this API is that I need to play sound samples within precise start timing because of track synchronization. The goal is to build a sample mixer with the ability to start a track not exactly when asked but at the next instant when it will be in sync with other tracks.

Audience: knowledge in javascript programmation.
Web Audio API version : 07 October 2015

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Human Brush at Carthage

I want here to briefly draw your attention on a numerical art show I good friend of mine created with a dancer, It was recently played at Carthage in Tunisia.

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Pérégrinations avec physicsJS

Cet article répond au double objectif de tester l'embarcation de scripts dans les articles de ce blog et de découvrir la librairie javascript physicsJS dont le but est de réaliser une simulation numérique de la dynamique de corps soumis à des champs de forces dans un espace à deux dimensions.

Audience: expérience en programmation javascript.
version de physicsJS : 0.0.7

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