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Human Brush at Carthage

I want here to briefly draw your attention on a numerical art show I good friend of mine created with a dancer, It was recently played at Carthage in Tunisia.

Even if this blog has not yet meet its public (which is perfectly predictable since I did not advertise it yet) I would like to present the work of my friend Jean-François Roversi (bunex-industries.com) who created a show with its friend Vincent Glowinsky aka Bonom , who the dancer in that creation.

Every movements of Vincent on the scene is captured and processed by the system Jean-François programmed, it draws on the screen a living picture generated by Vincent's body expressions.

This is another example of how natural can look the result of hard works done by creators, here's a video about Human Brush during the Festival of Carthage event :

And the post of Jean-François about it.

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